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Ticket Purchasing for DAC

Attached is the PDF directions for how to purchase tickets to the Boys DAC meet held at Lake Central. The directions are not very specific when it comes to finding the event, so included a direct link below to buy your tickets. Please note, they are only allowing 2 tickets (parents) per athlete. I also want to mention, while I don't agree with them allowing fans in at this time, I understand this is LC's decision as well as yours as the parent. I only ask if you do attend to please make sure you are continuing your diligence with your mask wearing and social distancing at the DAC meet as we are 3 weeks away from sectional finals and would hate to have the season ended at this point due to COVID. The meet will be run on Meet Mobile app as well, so you can follow that to keep you in the loop if you do not attend. I appreciate your help and understanding and look forward to the next month of competition.


Redeemable Tickets
Download PDF • 323KB


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