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Team Suits Available NOW

Team suits are available now to purchase. Please click on the link above to be taken to the order site. We listen to the athletes this year and have offered multiple suit options, and our school V on them for the first time in over 15 years. However, because of this, our turnaround is very quick. Therefore, suits should be ordered ASAP. Please note the only thing required is a suit. You are welcome to order some of the other Speedo items, but the SUIT IS THE ONLY THING REQUIRED. We will have a more general team/fan appeal store open through Blythes with general things like t-shirts and sweatshirts/pants, etc… Girls Suit Information~There are 4 suit options. 3 are Jolyn, and 1 is Arena. The Joyln suits are designed for competition and offer more coverage and support than their training suits. If support is the most important to you, then in the Jolyn, it would be the Devon, with the maximum support being the Arena Proback. If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you have never worn a Jolyn and are interested, ask your teammates, as many wear them to train. Boys Suit Information~As has been the case for many years, the boy’s options are pretty straightforward. We are offering an Arena Jammer or an Arena Brief. Both will have the V on them and will match the girl’s suit. If you don’t know the difference, the Jammer would be like bicycling shorts, and the Brief would be what you have probably heard referred to as a “speedo,” and they are more like underwear. Either is acceptable to wear.


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