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Schedule Change for Munster Relays

I hope this finds everyone well. I wanted to take a moment to inform everyone of a change in our schedule for this weekend. I am sure you have heard by now the decision has been made to have both our teams not attend Munster Relays. This decision was made with an eye on our team’s primary goal. As many of you know, Maddie Moreth is swimming in the US Open, representing Valpo, in an attempt to get her Olympic trials cut. In doing so, she had to fill out a waiver for the IHSAA. Within this process, her waiver was denied because she was missing an IHSAA-sanctioned meet (the Munster Relays). Because of this ruling, the IHSAA put us in a position to choose between being short-handed, heading into 2 of the biggest dual meets of the year, or not having a meet that she would miss. Knowing that dual meets count towards the overall conference championship and that we want to put our best foot forward and be at full strength to try and win these meets, the staff agreed it would make the most sense to miss a meet that didn’t count for anything and didn’t allow us to swim all our student-athletes. Again, this decision was not taken lightly and was made with our team’s overall goal in mind. We also felt it was appropriate to pull our boy’s team as well since we are one team and support each other in our goals.

In place of the meet, we have decided to have an intra-squad meet that will allow everyone to participate and swim. We will have our Seniors do the line-up and will run it like a regular meet with the timing system, diving during the diving break, and scores. Times swam at this meet will also go towards varsity and lettering standards. Parents will be welcome to come watch in the stands if they so choose. So the schedule will be as follows on Saturday…

8:00 am: Green group reports to lift

8:45 am: everyone reports for warm-ups

Meet start around 9:15-9:30 after warm-up, and we will finish around 11:00-11:15.

I know this might not be ideal, but I appreciate your understanding and support as we make the best decisions to help our team achieve their goals.

Thanks again!



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