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Pre-Season Swimming Options

For those interested, we have broken down different options for pre-season. This unlimited Pre-season would be for those athletes who will be signed up through Valparaiso Swim Club and USA Swimming for the Fall/Winter season. This allows us to not be limited by number of practices through the week. If you are not interested in signing up with Valparaiso Swim Club, you will fall under the IHSAA Limited contact pre-season. This group will not start until after the call-out meeting, scheduled for Tuesday, September 28th. We will follow the IHSAA Limited Contact policies, limiting us to meet twice a week for two hours each meeting. We are currently looking at that starting after Fall Break and ending when the season officially starts, and we are no longer limited in our practices. If you are not interested in pre-season at all, then you will report for the first official day of practice on November 8th. 3 Pre-Season Options (In review from above)

  1. Sign up with Valparaiso Swim Club & USA Swimming (there is a fee associated with this), allowing you to start on Monday, August 16th, with no restrictions for practices. You can find registration information here

  2. Follow the IHSAA Limited Contact pre-season program. Due to not being registered with VSC and USA Swimming, we are limited to the IHSAA rules on practice times. Therefore we will only be meeting 2 times a week for no more than 2 hours each session. Currently, we have it set up for Tuesdays and Thursdays starting Tuesday, October 19th. This will be the schedule until the season officially starts on November 8th, at which point the practice time restrictions are lifted, and we will go to a more traditional 5-6 days, multiple practices a day schedule.

  3. No Pre-season at all. We will see you on the first official day of the season, November 8th, at 2:45 pm in the aquatic center.

*Please note that pre-season is not required to be on the swim team. However, like everything else, the better prepared you are, the easier things will be. If you are new to swimming or joining the swim team for the first time, I recommend that you do the limited contact schedule, so you are not overwhelmed.


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