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Thank you for your interest in Valparaiso Swimming & Diving! The information below is designed to provide you an introduction to our team. You’ll find schedules for practices and meets as well as team policies and other useful information as you look forward to trying-out for our team.

A successful swim program must have a strong parent support group including volunteer timing, officiating, scorekeeping, etc. at home meets. We at Valpo are fortunate to have a strong parent support group and would like to encourage all our parents to play an active role in continuing to make Valpo Swimming & Diving a special team.  The entire coaching staff looks forward to getting to know each and every athlete and their parents. If you should have any questions throughout the season, please do not hesitate to reach out.  



Central High School Team Guidelines


  • ABOVE ALL ELSE - Each student-athlete, coach and parent associated with our team represents Central High School in the water, the classroom and in public with family or peers. Participation in high school athletics is a PRIVELIDGE not a right. Inappropriate behavior, language or general disrespect will not be tolerated. Parental and/or school administration involvement will result if unsuitable behavior is displayed. I reserve the right to cut any swimmer at any time during the season for any reason that threatens the integrity of this team and its philosophies.


  • ATTENDANCE - Each member of the CHS Swim Team must attend all workouts unless a documented sickness or injury precludes participation. Unexcused absences from workouts will result in not competing in meets. Any swimmer not in attendance at workout on the day prior to a swim meet will NOT compete in the next day’s meet regardless of the reason. The coaching staff’s decision on all attendance matters is final. Three unexcused absences will result in being cut from the team. Any student who quits or is released from the team is responsible to return all equipment or will receive a fine for missing equipment.


  • IF SPACE PERMITS, the coaching staff may allow a limited number of swimmers with outside obligations such as work, clubs, etc. that conflict with one or more practices during the week to remain on the team. These individuals would be allowed to practice with the team and participate in home swim meets; however, they would not travel to or compete at away meets with the team. These cases will be discussed and agreed upon by the coaching staff, swimmer and parent(s) prior to being accepted.


  • The common excuse of too much homework or studying for an exam will not be tolerated as an acceptable excuse for missing workout. We are serious about academics and believe that academics is a priority over swimming, but there is ample time during each school day and weekends to excel at the highest level in both disciplines. If an individual cannot manage his or her time properly then they do not belong on this team. Success in both academics and swimming does not include missing workouts.


  • When a swimmer arrives at practice or a meet, they must stay for the duration of the event. As the coach, I am responsible for the well being of the athletes. Leaving the premises will absolutely not be tolerated without PRIOR signed authorization by a parent or guardian. All swimmers are to walk with the team to and from the pool and meets per insurance requirements.


  • Any athlete not entered as a participant or an alternate in an away meet, will not travel with the team to that away meet.


  • The Bobcat coaching staff will show respect to every athlete and parent on this team and expects the same in return. We are here to help guide Central Bobcat athletes in the pursuit of excellence. With the cooperation from the AIA, district, athletic director, swimmers, parents, and coaches, each season will be an unforgettable experience.




Daily from 3:15 PM to 5:15 PM

We will meet in room 726 or 722.

All athletes MUST be cleared to participate by the Athletics Office prior to participating in practices. Please contact the Athletics Office at 602-764-7515 with questions.


SWIM – Brophy Swim Pool on Bropy’s Campus

A separate Team Calendar of Events will be distributed. Regular announcements will be included with practices as events and/or times change. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to ensure they have the most up to date practice and meet information. The coaching staff is available via phone and/or e-mail if there are any questions throughout the season. My phone number is 602-764-7500 




Meets are typically scheduled on weekdays and begin between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

During home meets, athletes are to walk over to the Brophy Swim Pool with the team, for warm-up, stretching and last minute announcements prior to the meet starting time.

For away meets, athletes are to be present at CHS at 2:00 p.m. to ride the bus/van to the appropriate team’s facility. Athletes not prompt in reporting to the bus/van will be left behind and will not compete that day. Occasionally, for longer travel meets, the buses will leave earlier than normal. These instances will be announced in advance.

All athletes who earn a place on the team will compete as long as they abide by team rules for attendance and attitude.


Letter Awards:

Lettering will be based on the following criteria: performance, attitude, effort, support of fellow teammates, and of course attendance, which is a requirement to be on the team. In addition to the above criteria, the following will help determine Varsity and Junior-varsity letter awards:

o   Varsity Award – Must have at least 90% attendance at practices. Must participate in nearly all meets including qualifying for and participating in an invitational meets. Qualifying for and participating in the State Championship swim meet will automatically earn a Varsity Letter.

o   Junior Varsity Award – Must participate in nearly all meets during the season including being selected by the coaching staff to participate in large meets.

o   The coaching staff's decision on letter awards will be fair and impartial based upon the listed criteria and is final.


     Additional Questions??:

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any additional questions or concerns you might have. I am always happy to talk with our athletes and their families.

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