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Start of School Season Swim Schedule

Below is a tentative schedule for practices starting the first week of school. Please know this could change and we will send out more details and specific information shortly but want to get the information out ASAP. Coach Nellessen will be running all practices for both boys and girls senior swimmers till pre-season for the girls officially starts. Please note that this is for those who swam summer swimming who were registered with USA swimming.

July 27th to August 11th~Off

August 12th to August 18th (First week of school)~Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 3p-4:30p

August 19th to August 31st~Monday-Thursday 3:00p-5:00p

September~Monday-Thursday 3:00p-5:00p~Friday Morning 5:30a-7:00a

If you have questions, contact

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